Mini Shower Steamer Trio

Mini Shower Steamer Trio

MS Brand shower steamers are a favorite with our customers. Three is always better than one, so we are inntroducing our trio set with our new Immune Booster Shower Steamer and two of our favorites
Soothing Blend  and Breathe in The Day shower steamer. Mix and match or use them one by one to get the perfect blend of scents with every use.

    MS Brand Mini Shower Steamer trio is made with the Soothing Blend shower steamer, Breathe in The Day shower steamer, and Immune Booster shower steamer. Soothing Blend shower steamer is made
    with sweet orange, lavender, and ylang ylang oil. Breathe in The Day shower steamer is made with cedar wood, frankincense, rosemary and orange. Immune Booster shower steamer is made with
    rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and sweet orange. All the shower steamers are made with baking soda, citric acid and witch hazel.


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